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Yerba mate Ruvicha is a novelty on the South American and European yerba mate market. The brand was established only a few years ago, in 2016 - and has already managed to win a group of loyal fans among Paraguayan yerba mate lovers. Its producer, Unimate S.A., which is also responsible for the Puntero yerba mate brand, has been on the market since 2002. The Ruvicha brand of yerba mate is produced on a plantation near the town of Yuty, in the department of Caazapá, in the south of Paraguay, surrounded by the tropical Alto Paraná Atlantic forest, rich in diverse flora and fauna. The Ruvicha brand is distinguished by its fresh approach to the production of yerba mate - a focus on modernity, the introduction of improvements and the latest technology.

Yerba mate by Ruvicha brand pays homage to Paraguayan tradition. The bitter, distinctive flavour of the dry, with noticeable smoky notes, is combined with only natural, herbal, often quite original additives. The offer includes both classic elaboradas - yerba mate without additives, consisting of ground Ilex paraguariensis leaves and twigs with a small amount of dust (e.g. Ruvicha Nativa), and aromatic, very consistent compositions with herbal additives (e.g. Ruvicha Pantanal with mint, boldo, lemon verbena and fennel). Ruvicha brand's yerba mate is definitely for experienced mateists, who are already familiar with the characteristic, distinctive taste of "Paraguayan tea". It is worth mentioning that, as befits Paraguayan yerba mate, each of brand's products is perfect both hot and in tereré form.