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Te Guarani

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Paraguayan brand Té Guaraní specialises in the production of express teas, in teabags. The brand offers a unique range of teas with herbs, yerba mate, fruits and flavours. Té Guaraní is produced by the famous Paraguayan company Santa Margarita, the company behind the popular yerba mate Kurupi.

Santa Margarita was founded in 1985 on the initiative of two pharmacists, Oscar Esteban Benitez Rapetti and his wife Martha. The couple had long been interested in the properties and benefits of herbs. Oscar owned a pharmacy where he sold the herbal mixtures and natural medicines he created. Eventually, he and his wife decided to expand the business. They established the Santa Margarita plantation, where they cultivated and processed tea and herbs, and launched their first brand, Té Guaraní. The teas they produced quickly became popular among Paraguayans. The brand currently offers more than 30 different products, some of which you can now find in our shop! Particularly noteworthy are the products from the Mix Tea series – original blends based on yerba mate, tea and herbs, which can be used to make aromatic infusions to complement gin and tonic drinks.