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Mate Tea Mugs

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The ritual of mate tea brewing requires a special cup. It can bear many names depending on the material it’s produced from. Traditional mate tea cups were made of tropical pumpkins known as calabazas. They were used by native tribes, but are still popular among drinkers. Gauchos, the Argentinian cattle breeders would drink their mate tea from bovine horns known as  guampas. 


Nowadays, there’s a much wider selection of mate tea vessels. The ceramic ones enjoy the biggest popularity. They’re durable to mechanical damage and high temperatures and have very huge capacity. They are available at very convenient prices. There exist other options, though. Mate tea cups made of palo santo wood are considered a premium product among fans. The wood emits a fragrant resin once its poured with water. The aroma of your infusion will be incredible! Some of our mate tea vessels are artisan products with traditional decorations of high artistic value. No matter what you choose, they’re all high quality imported goods.