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Verde Mate

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Verde Mate is a mate tea brand hailing from the state of Párana. It’s made of holly leaves grown in diverse ecosystem of wild tropical forests. Verde Mate embodies rich Brazilian yerba mate traditions. It’s a twig- and dust-free product composed of lively green, air-dried ilex paraguariensis leaves. As an infusion, it’s characterized by subtle organic taste and high content of natural caffeine. Thanks to its delicate character, it mixes perfectly with herbs and fruits. Currently, there are 20 different flavours based on natural ingredients! Each one of them was developed considering their functional character. You’ll find blends that support detoxification, weight loss or brain stimulation. There’s also an organic-certified variation, toasted mate tea, or a special fruity mix intended for serving as an ice-cold tereré. No matter what you like when it comes to mate, Verde Mate´s got it all!