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El Fuego

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El Fuego is the black horse among Paraguayan yerba mate brands. Class, power and enormous potential. This yerba mate is created in the south of Paraguay, in the department of Itapúa - from the highest quality Ilex paraguariensis leaves and twigs, which are a source of a decent dose of caffeine, vitamins and minerals. The brand name - "el fuego", meaning "fire" in Spanish - is a reference to the power that this yerba mate has, but also to the way it is made. The processing uses the traditional method of drying leaves and twigs of Ilex paraguariensis, called barbacuá - drying is done through the flames of the fire and the smoke from it. This is how yerba mate used to be dried by the Guarani Indians. The aroma and flavour of the smoke soaks into the dry mate, making the infusion more powerful. It is bitter in taste, very intense and distinctive. If you appreciate the taste of real, strong Paraguayan yerba mate, you will definitely love El Fuego!