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Rio Parana

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Rio Parana is the quintessential taste and tradition of Argentine yerba mate. Although it has recently appeared on the market, it draws on centuries of experience of the masters of growing and processing Ilex paraguariensis. It is produced in Misiones, an Argentine province located on the border of three countries, in the Río Paraná basin. It combines the simplicity of the Argentine idyll and the unparalleled depth of South America's greatest treasure. The processing of yerba mate follows a tradition passed down from generation to generation. The leaves and twigs of yerba mate are dried using hot smoke and then subjected to months of ageing. Once the larger parts of the plant have been crushed, the highest quality leaves, twigs and dust go into the Rio Parana packet. In the flavoured variants, carefully selected additives also go into the packet to create a harmonious whole with yerba mate. Each of the flavoured composition is characterised by maximum simplicity. They are perfectly balanced in terms of the number of ingredients, so that the additives enhance the excellent qualities of yerba mate. We encourage you to buy and try Rio Parana!