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logo Jerovia

Jerovia is a brand established relatively recently. Yerba mate from this brand has been produced since 2006. It comes from plantations - like the company's other products - that meet all standards and requirements of ecological production. It is located in one of the biologically richest and most endangered regions of our planet - north-eastern Paraguay. Jerovia Organico assumes that organic food is not a fashion but a measure to the health of the consumer and to the preservation of life on earth. In this approach, cultivation excludes the use of pesticides or other chemicals. The only way to protect the plants is to spray with natural plant extracts or... to catch pests by hand. Even the water that irrigates the crops comes exclusively from a natural source for the ecosystem. Yerba mate from this brand is a product addressed to consumers who value health from nature. The high quality of Jerovia is confirmed by the certificate obtained by the producer. Discerning consumers appreciate the taste of the product.